American Visitor-Introduction

In the last 33 years I have visited the United States of America, many times. From this blog I would like to register some comments on my observations throughout these years. To explain my points of view better, I will divide these notes in:
6-Technological Integration
7-The immigrants
10-The future
I would like to admit the limitations of this work beforehand: This is neither a conclusive study, nor a academic thesis of any of the treat subjects. It is the register and the opinion of an engineer, brazilian, who beyond his own country, South America,Canada and good part of the Europe knows New York, Chicago, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Seattle, Minneapolis, Rochester, Charleston, Washington, Boston and Stamford.
The first time I visited New York I did not like it. I found strange to be in an American city where people did not know English. I found of poor taste to read announcements in Spanish or Italian. I found China Town overdone. Years later, I changed the way I had seen things. I understood that this was the only condition of these worlds to remain connected to their realities, more distant each time. The United States of America, in the period of time that I am analyzing, had consolidated its world-wide leadership. The existing differences already in the decade of 70 had accentuated. The third and fourth generations of immigrants do not fit in its worlds of origin. They are as mutant. They bring in their faces  marks of where they had come, but are not more of those places. They are new Americans, different of those who had come in the Mayflower. But Americans of the North.
In the decade of seventy, the principal focus of identity was of the Afro-American. Today I understand that this subject already is superseded. Fruit of much affirmative fight and attitudes, the Afro-American already are effectively North Americans. United States without them does not exist. They are in sportive stadiums, musical stages, the battlefields, hospitals, schools and the government, as principal actors. They participate actively on the power and in decisions of the country.
Today this fight has being relayed for the some Central and South American people. Noticed there I’m not speaking of Hispanic-Americans but yes of all, that having its cultural origins in countries of Portuguese, English, French or Dutch language, as the case of Brazil, Jamaica, Aruba, Curacao, Virgin Islands, Haiti and the old Guiana’s are disputing the American market as immigrant.
These new fighters are initiating its career from the base of the pyramid. They come preponderantly to less qualified works. Differently of Indians, Pakistanis, Russians and other Europeans. They do not have identification badges. They work without guarantee. They are submitted to hard conditions in the streets, the corners, the bars. They are as sail-boats that depend on the good winds to be able to survive.

Next Chapter: Politics

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